Find the Hidden Treasure

by Grover Layne Roberts

If you're looking at this website, chances are you're wondering what "Gold in Them Thar Hills" is all about. Well, it's about just that -- Gold !! And silver, and jewels, and coins, and all kinds of money. A chest of treasure that's hidden somewhere around the Branson Lakes area, and which is yours to keep -- if you're clever enough to find it ...

Gold in Them Thar Hills is an Ozark Mountrains treasure hunting event produced by PALLADIAN Interactive Theatre as a fundraiser for the Lake Country "Lives Under Construction" Boys Ranch.

Before we go into how you can find all this hidden treasure, let's look at the reasons why we feel the "Lives Under Construction" Boys Ranch is a worthy beneficiary for this event.

First and most important, the "Lives Under Construction" Boys Ranch gives young men the chance to better themselves and truly make something of their lives.

The "Lives Under Construction" Boys Ranch's goals are to provide young men the opportunity to develop skills necessary to excel academically, vocationally, morally, and socially in a safe rural, environment; for them to learn and grow, to have good personal relationships, and to have wholesome character developing experiences. All this -- along with providing hope and opportunity.

Ken Ortman, Administrator of the Boys Ranch, says their mission is "to reconstruct boy's lives into dynamic, Christian citizens who are willing to help others."

It takes funds through contributions from individuals, businesses, foundations, and fundraising events to provide these opportunities for our youth. We at PALLADIAN Interactive Theatre are proud to invest our talents, time, and money in this effort to help the "Lives Under Construction" Boys Ranch in their worthy efforts.


Now that these facts are well established, let's go on to see how you can find the hidden treasures. That's simple. You must outwit the puzzles, clues, codes, and ciphers in issues of Treasure Gazette. Some of these are really tricky, designed for the skilled puzzle solver, while others are more easily solved. But, they all lead to the same goal in the end -- Gold In Them Thar Hills.

A Codes and Ciphers book is also available for purchase at participating businesses and vendors. It will help you figure out how to solve some of the more mysterious puzzles. This is a good aid for the beginner or experienced puzzle solver in how to solve clues. Beware of red herrings, some of the clues are designed to lead you astray ...

And, of course, you need to find the treasure before somebody else does.

You must read every story and advertisement and look at every picture in Treasure Gazette very carefully -- because clues are hidden throughout this newspaper. You may have already read over a clue and not even known it ! Then again you may not have.

Patron level backers even have special clues at their places of business that can't be found anywhere else. (These businesses may be identified by a Patron logo in their newspaper advertisements).

Treasure Gazette is designed and intended to be clean fun for the whole family; it can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

We at PALLADIAN Interactive Theatre would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our Advertisers, Sponsors, and Patrons for their marvelous support. It is through their contributions that Gold in Them Thar Hills is made possible. We ask that you patronize these businesses while visiting the Branson area.



There are a few rules and guidelines for the Treasure Hunt.

The treasure is not on private land.

The treasure is not buried. You do not have to dig or damage or dis-assemble anything to find it.

Clues to the location of the Gold In Them Thar Hills are found throughout issues of Treasure Gazette.

Clues may also be found at the places of business of certain sponsors and advertisers in Treasure Gazette.

The puzzles and clues are arranged in a way that should prevent more than one person finding the treasure.

Beware of Red Herrings -- not all clues lead to the treasure. Some are designed to throw you off.

Clues are arranged into different levels of difficulty. Challenging clues may lead more directly to the treasure, while easier ones may take much longer but can be solved by most anyone.

Additional and easier clues will continue to be issued until someone finds the treasure.