The treasure itself will be hidden somewhere in the Branson / Lakes community and will consist of silver and gold coins, banknotes, gems, and artifacts from around the World. For example, we have 500-year-old "Sultan of Dehli" silver coins from India, enormous "Catherine the Great" five kopek coins from Russia, Japanese occupation currency from World War II, HP$ 500,000,000 banknotes from Hungary, and 18th-Century Dutch coins from a sunken shipwreck. Plus a lot of miscellaneous coins from all around the World. Some of these represent low-cost filler while some are quite valuable. The total value of the treasure will be over $12,000 and will depend on how much advertising is sold.

The treasure will be in a unique "puzzle box" so that the winner will not only have to solve the clues to find the treasure, but will also have to figure out how to open the box and then determine which treasure artifacts are the really valuable ones. This is a really challenging puzzle, but we will keep issuing newspapers with additional clues that will get easier until the treasure is found.



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