Hints for Witch's Hat Word Search Puzzle


1. Wizard Academy mentioned by O'Shanks.

2. Home to Reverberaunts.

3. Wizard School in USA.

4. Delisandre's pet mount.

5. Academy with clock tower.

6. Saint John der Vishe.

7. Mysterious object sought by Sharpie Curlew & Spriggans.

8. Queen of Foxcastle.

9. Wizard Academy in abandoned railway station.

10. Name of dragon that fought the Golden Gryphon.

11. Reborn wizardlings.

12. Game played with Slivverwands.

13. All-girl Wizard Academy.

14. Race of the Snails.

15. True Name of the Sand Djinn.

16. Reform school for delinquent wizardlings.

17. The most powerful of dragon ­ evil, pure evil.

18. Wizard duel using birds of prey.

19. Hybrid monster, part bear & part bull.

20. Wizard Academy cliff dwelling.

21. Mischievous little goblins.

22. Maze Run sport.

23. Scottish lady satyr.

24. Celtic version of Capture-the-Flag with Pookas.

25. Monster Rodeo.

26. Scottish Highland water horse.

27. Monster with one eye, one leg, & one arm.

28. Elfin Court in Scotland ruled by Dark Faery.

29. Solitary monster with blood-stained hat.

30. Name of the Black Dragon.

31. Medieval monster killed by Beowolf.

32. Cross-country magick sport played in Virginia.

33. Small flying dragon with only two legs.

34. Wooden rod or baton used to cast magick.

35. Prehistoric canine monster.

36. Hoard of little imps that can grow to be giants.

37. Live-action game of pinball.

38. Minor curse or pox cast with a hand gesture.

39. Hand gesture curse deflected onto Harvey Blankenship.