Wizard Academies joins with Century 20 Theatre

at Jordan Creek Mall in West Des Moines, Iowa for a special


at the premiere of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

Copies of Wizard Academies books and artwork will be given as prizes.

Costume Judging: 11:45 pm July 14, 2009

Showtime: 12:01 Midnight July 15, 2009 Jordan Creek Town Center Mall

101 Jordan Creek Parkway West Des Moines, Iowa


Wear A Costume and Join the FUN !!


Wizard Academies is a series of young adult fantasy books about youthful wizards at a variety of magical schools. It is a collaborative effort involving a number of authors from around the world. Some books are anthologies of short stories, while others are full-length booksall tales about magically-gifted youngsters training to be the "Wizards of Tomorrow."

The short story anthologies include

Wizard Academies I: A Gathering of Enchantment
Wizard Academies II: The Heart of Darkness
Wizard Academies III: Crossroads of Magick

The book length stories are

Wizard Academies: Rumpots, Crackpots, and Pooka-Mazed Halfwits
Wizard Academies: A Special Kind of Talent
Wizard Academies: Never Drop Your Wand
Wizard Academies: The House With The Witch's Hat



Last year, the characters from Wizard Academies appeared in a feature game/article in the March 2008 issue of GAMES Magazine.

Check out "The Jade Professor" in GAMES ...

See what happens when Wandmaster St. Luke is turned into a jade statueand the kids from Gallimaufriars and Pennythraite wizard academies have to solve puzzles and codes to disenchant him ...



The Wizard Academies books are great magical fantasy fun...! ! !

The young wizardlings' problems are (basically) the same as those facing other young adults:

Who will win the big game?

Does that handsome older boy like me?

Will I pass the big test in Spellcasting class?

How can I get my homework done when someone keeps jinxing my textbook?

Why does the Wandmaster hang upside-down by his heels outside the cafeteria?

How am I ever going to remember where all my classes are if the rooms keep moving?

How do you ask a question to a professor teaching class from inside a coffin?

Will anyone be eaten by the hideous beast in the cafeteria?

How many years can you spend in Detention and still graduate?

( It makes a difference whether Detention involves writing lines on the blackboard ... or mucking out monster cages )


The answers to these and other questions are found in this delightful assortment of wizardy adventures. The dangers are deadly, the young heroes are plucky, the professors are learned, and the villains are dangerous and evil.

While the Wizard Academies stories will appeal to the same audience as Harry Potter, all of the characters and settings are unique and original. Many of the stories incorporate traditional English folk and faery lore.

The adventures includes:

Murder mystery stories with characters and plots reminiscent of Sherlock Holmes, Nero Wolfe, and Oliver Twist. The student wizards solve crimes that Scotland Yard can't unravel.

A chilling ghost story in which the students are reincarnated and try to find out who they were in their previous lives.

Gothic romances in which the heroine has to decide who she will allow to kiss herthe nice guy or the monster.

Wild-and-wooly adventure tales with tongue-and-cheek humor and dragons to conquer.

Most of the schools are located in the border counties of England, Scotland, and Wales, with one in the Appalachian Mountains of the United States. Most of the schools are co-ed, while a few are traditional British male-only or female-only institutions.

Many of the academies have various magical games and sports for students to participate in such as monster rodeos and live-action pinball in a canyon. Other games are sorcerous take-offs of traditional back-lot and street games kids play after school. Many of these games and sports tie into the story lines.

It should be mentioned that the wizard academy concept and magick system were developed back in the 1970slong before Harry Potter was created.


Wizard Academies I: A Gathering of Enchantment and Wizard Academies II: The Heart of Darkness have an ongoing theme that runs throughout the stories involving the evil faery Delisandre le Fay, queen of Elfin Court of Foxcastle. She is trying to get her hands on a terribly powerful magical talisman, but nobody quite knows for sure what it isand many people guess wrong.

Wrong guesses often lead to extremely varied and sometimes fatal consequences.


Wizard Academies III: Crossroads of Magick deals with problems that arise when the World Wide Ley Network runs amok. Doppelgangers at Kingsbridge, spooks at Grackleflint's, and monsters in the catacombs under Killiecrankitt pose a challenge to the student wizardlings.

In addition, we meet a number of interesting magical creatures, including a spagpie, water leapers, a bog troll, a homicical duck, and the inimitable Constable Rabbit. Spectacular cover artwork by our artist Lylith.


Wizard Academies: Rumpots, Crackpots, and Pooka-Mazed Halfwits chronicles the adventures of Corwyn Daniels, a lad at the lowest-accredited magick school in Britain. Some wizard schools are large, highly-accredited, and well respected. Others are smaller, but serve elite clientele and have high academic standards. By way of contrast, Gallimaufriars Academy in Cumbria barely meets Ministry of Wizardry standards.

Find out what happens at a school where the headmaster and faculty are referred to as "a bunch of rumpots, crackpots, and pooka-mazed halfwits ..."


Wizard Academies: A Special Kind of Talent follows the adventures of Nelson Freemantle, a wild talent who enrolls at Long Step Academy in Londona magick school for juvenile delinquent wizards. Under the tutilage of Matador and Maestro, these tough students solve crimes too magical for Scotland Yard.

Busker is the one student at Long Step who is free to leave whenever he wants. But now that Busker has discovered magick, he doesn't want to leave the Scheherazade Hotel and the chances for adventure and enchantment that Long Step Academy offers him.



Wizard Academies: Never Drop Your Wand continues the adventures of Busker and Soap at Long Step Academy.

Why are the spirits of Voodoo so interested in Busker? The troublemaking students at Long Step school face troubles of their own when they become the targets of a wizardly crime lord who directs an international gang of magical thugs. Busker and his friends have no choice but to run when their magick stops working!

Tension builds when the young wizards are trapped inside the Scheherazade Hotel; and some of their pranks can be murder! In battling for their lives, the wizardlings confront killers, kidnappers, and thieves

And those are the good guys !!

The Wizard Wars in Africa have come to London. Diplomats, demons, police, and pranksters pass through the stone entrance to the Wizard Academy on the thirteenth floor of the twelve-story Scheherazade Hotel. Here are more great stories about the happily troublesome students of Long Step Academy. Just be prepared to defend yourself. Busker and Soap lead the class in surviving encounters with treachery, evil wizards, and hard-thrown custard pies. Join the crowd. Just be ready to draw your wand when you can't run any more.



Wizard Academies - The House With The Witch's Hat

Reverberaunts are young wizards who died under mysterious circumstances and return to life. They don't remember their past. Reverberaunts have only a year to find out their previous liveswho they were and how they diedor go back to being dead forever ...

Cardy Wagner is a 12-year-old girl found unconscious inside the smoldering ruins of the Town Hall of Devil's Bridge after the building is destroyed by lightning. In the hospital, Cardy meets a streetwise young satyr named Alacrity, who invites Cardy to become a student at the wizard school.

The clock is ticking on Cardy to discover her pastand it becomes increasingly clear that someone does not want her to find out how and why she died.

Someone dark and powerful in the ways of magick.

Cardy must take risks that no student at Grackleflint's has ever dared before. Risks that may save her lifebut may get her sent away from Grackleflint's forever.

Wizard Academies books are now available to order at the link below


Puzzle Contests !!

As part of the Wizard Academies fun, we are pleased to announce Puzzle Contests with Prizes.

You can win a portrait of yourself in wizard wardrobe by our talented artist Lylith


The House with the Witch's Hat Word Search Puzzle Contest


or win a fantastic Wizard's Wand by Alivan's Master Wandmakers

( Official wandmasters to the Wizard Academies )


Possywickett's Crossword Contest




 Wizard Academies Accessories

We now have such Wizard Academies fan items to order as drinking mugs, tote bags, and journals featuring artwork from the books.

Possywickett the Sand Djinn Dervish

The Dragon Ride

A Wizardling Student at Grackleflints

Aszirol the Black Dragon